Fun with Nature

I spent the day at Northwest Bay Stream in Bolton Landing, N.Y., and had some fun with the camera. Look closely at each photograph as things are not always what they seem.     


Canning Jars in the Garden

Canning Jars in the GardenIf you are like me you have purchased those cute outdoor solar lanterns. I was enticed by one last summer, only to have the exterior fall apart leaving the still functioning light.

Since there is enough plastic in the landfills, I decided to recycle.

Supplies: – Rope for decoration: any kind will do

– Thin wire: about a foot or so

– Duct tape

– Canning jar: must be large enough to contain the light

Using the duct tape, attach the light to the jar. Braid the rope and secure it over the light and duct tape. Lastly, wrap the wire around the glass lip on the jar below where the duct tape and light are attached. The duct tape will NOT be able to hold the weight of the canning jar, therefore the wire needs to be secured to the jar itself.

I had an old small flag holder that was no longer being used and found that it made the perfect lantern holder in the garden. Recycle success!